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Magic Books (by Topic)

Coin Magic

Small change equals big magic. Coins are probably magic’s most familiar prop and coin magic is a sure attention-getter whether those coins are appearing in abundance or disappearing faster than our bank account balance. Ante into coin magic with Bobo’s indispensable Modern Coin Magic, then go beyond Bobo with masterworks by Arthur Buckley, Richard Kaufman, David Roth and others.

Used Magic Books

Magic City Library - Volume 6: Folding Coin

Edited by Leo Behnke
Magic City 1990, soft cover, 30 p.
Used: $3.00

Magic City Library - Volume 10: Dime & Penny

Edited by Leo Behnke
Magic City 1991, soft cover, 30 p.
Used: $3.00

Modern Coin Magic

Written by J.B. Bobo
Carl W. Jones 1952, 2nd printing, hard cover in poor condition, 358 p.
Used: $15.00

Modern Coin Manipulation

Written by T. Nelson Downs
Dover republication of Classic Coin Tricks, 1999, soft cover, 244 p.
Used: $8.00
Chinatown Quarter Magic

Chinatown Quarter Magic

Written by Henry Fetsch
Ken Allen Products, no date (c1950s), soft cover, 12 unnumbered pages, without props
Used: $6.00
V.I.P.: $4.00

Coin Magic

Written by Jean Hugard
Tannen, no date, soft cover, 88 p.
Used: $4.00

The Dime and Penny

Written by Lloyd Jones
Author, 1977, 2nd printing, soft cover, 19 p.
Used: $5.00
V.I.P.: $4.00
Coin and Money Magic

Coin and Money Magic

Written by Eddie Joseph
Abbott 1942, hard cover, comb bound, 116 p., fair condition
Used: $6.00

Conjuring with Abel Pabon

Written by Abel Pabon
Author, 1988, soft cover, comb bound, 23 p.
Used: $5.00
Magic and Methods of Ross Bertram

Magic and Methods of Ross Bertram

Written by Ross Bertram
Lee Jacobs, 1994, hard cover, dust jacket, 163 p.
Used: $40.00
Bertram on Sleight of Hand

Bertram on Sleight of Hand

Written by Ross Bertram
Edited by Steve Dawson
Lee Jacobs, 1996, hard cover, dust jacket, 255 p.
Used: $60.00
V.I.P.: $55.00

Card and Conjuring Tricks

Written by Gordon Hill
Magna Books 1995, hard cover, 95 p.
Used: $8.00
Red Arrow

Sleight of Hand

Co-written by Bob Longe
Co-written by Sheila Ann Barry
Co-written by William A. Moss
Co-written by Alfred Sheinwold
Sterling 2003, hard cover, 256 p.
Used: $9.00
Red Arrow

Between the Acts

Written by Jimmy Ray
Royal House of Magic, no date, soft cover, 31 unnumbered pages
Used: $5.00
V.I.P.: $4.00
100% Sankey

100% Sankey

About the magic of Jay Sankey
Written by Richard Kaufman
Kaufman 1990, hard cover, dust jacket, 86 p.
Used: $23.00
V.I.P.: $20.00
The Magic Book

The Magic Book

Written by Harry Lorayne
Putnam 1977, hard cover, dust jacket, 306 p.
Used: $21.00
The Miracle Makers

The Miracle Makers

Written by J.G. Jr. Thompson
Lloyd E. Jones, 1st ed. 1975, hard cover, without dust jacket, 306 p.
Used: $18.00
V.I.P.: $14.00
The Miracle Makers

The Miracle Makers

Written by J.G. Jr. Thompson
Lloyd E. Jones, 1st ed. 1975, hard cover, dust jacket, 306 p.
Used: $20.00
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