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Magic Books (by Topic)

Periodical Reprints

Many great ideas debuted in magazines and newsletters like Stanyon’s Magic, Annemann’s The Jinx, Elliot and Gibson’s The Phoenix, Warlock’s Pentagram, Fulves' The Pallbearers Review, Lorayne’s Apocalypse, Jones’ Magick and more. Happily, most of them are now available in book form and represent incredible, jam-packed treasuries of tricks.

Used Magic Books

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The Phoenix - 6-volume Reprint

Co-edited by Bruce Elliott
Co-edited by Walter B. Gibson
Vol. 1-50, 51-100, 101-150, Tannen
Vol. 151-200, 201-250, 251-300, Robbins
Hard cover, 1201 p.
The Phoenix was a four-page biweekly magic periodical by Walter Gibson and Bruce Elliott out of New York that ran on a subscription basis from January, 1942 through February, 1954. Noted magicians of the era contributed up to a half dozen magic tricks, sleight of hand, card trick effects etc. in each issue. No advertising.
Used: $150.00

The Pallbearers Review - 3-volume reprint

Edited by Karl Fulves
L & L Publishing, hard cover, 1064 p.
Used: $315.00
The Chronicles

The Chronicles

Written by Karl Fulves
L&L 1997, hard cover, 388 p., previous owner didn't remove the shrink wrap
Used: $110.00

Psycho-Gizmo - 3-book Lot

Edited by Garrett
Teral Garrett, 1951-1965, Vol. 1-2 (No. 1 to 24), Vol. 3 (No. 25 to 36), Vol. 4 (No. 37-48), ~100 p.
Used: $44.00
The Compleat Magick - Volume I

The Compleat Magick - Volume I

Edited by Bascom Jones, Jr.
Collectors' Workshop, Middleburg, 1st edition 1986, 571 pp., damaged cover, soiled page edges
Used: $60.00

Richard's Almanac - Volume One

Written by Richard Kaufman
Kaufman 1983, hard cover, dust jacket, 112 p.
Used: $37.00
Ibidem 1

Ibidem 1

Edited by P. Howard Lyons
Volume 1 was published by Kaufman & Greenberg in 1993. Hermetic Press, Inc., in collaboration with Jogestja, Ltd., have assumed all remaining copies of this volume.
Hard cover, dust jacket, 352 p.
Was: $47.00
Sale: $29.50
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Ibidem 2

Edited by P. Howard Lyons
Hermetic Press 2001, hard cover, dust jacket, 358 p.
Used: $30.00
Ibidem 3 - AZIZ and Beyond

Ibidem 3 - AZIZ and Beyond

Edited by P. Howard Lyons
Hermetic Press 2002, hard cover, dust jacket, 360+xii p.
Used: $30.00

Magicol No. 159

Edited by David Meyer
Magic Collectors' Association, May 2006, soft cover, 35 p.
Used: $4.00
V.I.P.: $3.00

Magicol No. 160

Edited by David Meyer
Magic Collectors' Association, August 2006, soft cover, 35 p.
Used: $4.00
V.I.P.: $3.00

The Compleat Invocation

Edited by Raven
439 + xxiv p.
Used: $100.00
V.I.P.: $90.00

Stanyon's Magic

Edited by Ellis Stanyon
Kaufman. 3-vol. set in slip case, hard cover, ~1400 p.
Used: $280.00
V.I.P.: $270.00

Stanyon's Magic

Edited by Ellis Stanyon
L&L 1996, hard cover, dust jacket, 1400 p.
Used: $95.00

Peter Warlock's Pentagram: Volumes 1-7 and Volumes 8-14

Edited by Peter Warlock
2-volume set, hard cover
Used: $320.00
V.I.P.: $300.00
The New Jinx

The New Jinx

Edited by Bill Madsen
Kaufman and Greenberg, 1987, hard cover, dust jacket, 296 p.
Used: $45.00
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