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From the Author to the Reader

A magic book is the product of creation, passion and time. Producing it is a slow and long process involving many people during a period spread over many months, and sometimes many years.
  • It first starts with an author who wants to share something. He meticously writes his thoughts and makes sure nothing is missing.
  • Then the book goes into the hands of the editor who makes sure that the written message is clear, easily understandable, without errors and appealing to the readers. At this stage, choices are made for the page layout, the type fonts and the book format.
  • Meanwhile, an illustrator and/or photographer work on the visual elements that will be part of the book to sustain what the author wants to transmit to the readers.
  • The book does a few back-and-forth trips between the editor, the author and the proof readers.
  • The book now becomes the responsability of the publisher who will submit it to the printer with his detailed instructions and specifications. At this point, the publisher will also start a publicity campaign.
  • The printer then produces one or more samples and makes sure the publisher is satisfied with the results.
  • The time has now come to print the book in the quantity ordered and send them to the binder.
  • Part of the produced books are shipped to the publisher and another part to the distributor. The latter makes sure every dealer will receive some copies.
  • And finally the book goes from the dealer to you, the reader.
Magic Book Library

For a few dollars you now have access to the magic secrets hidden in their pages. Actually, the real cost is half the paid price since most books, when you decide to part of them, can be sold at half the price you paid for them. And sometimes, when a book becomes out-of-print, it can be sold at a higher price.

Used magic books travel from magician to magician and give access to information at a lower cost. As an example, two-third of my libray are used books and their values represent only the third of all the money spent.

Out-of-print books are sometimes too expensive to be printed again. This is mostly true for old books, such as the ones produced fifty years ago or more. This is where the e-book becomes handy. It allows the reader to access information that otherwise would be too expensive to acquire, or even impossible to get.

A book also ages easily. Books written 400 years ago are still readable. And the ones produced today will still be readable 400 years from now!

Top of the stack
A few words from Martin Joyal

I have been selling used magic books since 1994. During these 27 years, I was in contact with great customers, some of which with whom I had warm communications. It has always been a pleasure to supply books to those looking for them.

It’s now time for me to move to something else.

Not long ago, I started working on a new project which requires time and space. I am gradually making this transition by going through my inventory and making huge sales from time to time. Who knows, you might find hidden gems!

I thank you all for your patronage and I wish you the best.


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