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Books that help you find MORE books. We’re SO into this concept! Bibliographies are often found as an addendum in magic books. Occasionally they exist as standalone tributes to the great collectors of magic books, such as the two-volume Milbourne Christopher Library catalog or the Collectors Annuals of J.B. Findlay.

Used Magic Books

A Bibliography of Conjuring Periodicals in English: 1791-1983

Co-written by James B. Alfredson
Co-written by George Daily
Magicana for Collectors, 1986, hard cover, 395 p., limited to 500 copies, water damaged
Used: $62.00
V.I.P.: $57.00

A Price Guide To Magic Books: 1639 - 1990

Compiled by Michael Canick
Annotated by Michael Canick
Author, 1997, soft cover, comb bound, 192 p.
Used: $10.00

Blue Book of Magic 2005

Compiled by Ron Cartlidge
Author, comb bound, #28 of 150, 124 p.
Used: $10.00
The Milbourne Christopher Library

The Milbourne Christopher Library

Written by Maurine Christopher
Mike Caveney s Magic Words, 1994, hard cover, dust jacket, 160 p.
Used: $45.00
The Milbourne Christopher Library II

The Milbourne Christopher Library II

Written by Maurine Christopher
Mike Caveney s Magic Words, 1998, hard cover, dust jacket, 339 p.
Used: $60.00

Magic: A Reference Guide

Written by Earle J. Coleman
Greenwood Press, 1st ed. 1987, hard cover, 186 p.
Used: $50.00
V.I.P.: $45.00
Ninth Collectors Annual

Ninth Collectors Annual

Written by James B. Findlay
D.W. Findlay, 1975, 280 pp., hard cover, dust jacket
Used: $72.00
Tenth Collectors

Tenth Collectors' Annual

About the magic of James B. Findlay
Compiied by J. B. Findlay, 1959 Raymond Ricard, 1994, softcover, 41 p., #194 of 200
Used: $42.00

A Catalogue of Books on Magic

Compiled by Paul Fleming
Fleming Book, 1949, soft cover, 60 p.
Used: $8.00
Magic as a Performing Art

Magic as a Performing Art

Written by Robert Gill
Bowker 1976, hard cover, dust jacket, Bro-Dart Fold-on, 252 p.
Used: $75.00
V.I.P.: $65.00
Magic as a Performing Art

Magic as a Performing Art

Written by Robert Gill
Bowker 1976, hard cover, dust jacket, 252 p.
Used: $65.00

A Bibliography of Books on Conjuring in English from 1580 to 1850

Written by Trevor Hall
Carl Waring Jones, 1957, limited to 500 copies, hard cover, 96 p.
Used: $74.00
V.I.P.: $65.00

Houdini Periodical Bibliography

About the magic of Harry Houdini
Written by Moses
H & R Magic Books, 2006. hard cover, 96 p.
Used: $45.00

Victorian-Age Conjuring Books

Written by Thomas A. Sawyer
Author, 2nd ed. 1991, soft cover, 139 p., inscribed
Used: $60.00

The Historian Guide to Conjuring (Redux) - No. 1: The Works of Edwin A. Dawes

Written by Clay H. Shevlin
Meminisse Magician, 2004, soft cover, 80 p., copy #101 of 200, signed
This publication is comprised of the 2nd Edition of Shevlin's Historian's Guide to Conjuring published in 1981, and an extensive illustrative bibliography titled The Works of Edwin A. Dawes. Included in the Dawes book is a 12-page color section plus the Indices of several of Dawes major books.
Used: $60.00
A Bibliography of English Conjuring [vol. 1 and 2]

A Bibliography of English Conjuring [vol. 1 and 2]

Written by Raymond Toole Stott
Vol. 1, Harper & Sons 1976. limited to 1,030 copies, hard cover, dust jacket, 288+xvii p.
Vol. 2 Harper & Sons 1978. limited to 900 copies, hard cover, dust jacket, 143 p.
Used: $280.00
V.I.P.: $260.00
Illustrated Magic

Illustrated Magic

Written by Ottokar Fischer
MacMillan 1931, hard cover, torn dust jacked (some parts are missing), 206 p.
Used: $21.00
Illustrated Magic

Illustrated Magic

Written by Ottokar Fischer
Coles 1980, soft cover, 206 p.
Used: $10.00
V.I.P.: $8.00

Merlin's Catalog of Magic

Edited by Charles Barry Townsend
Hammond 1981, soft cover, 117 p.
Was: $6.00
Sale: $3.00

New Magic Book

The Joyal Index: Annemann 1 and 2

The Joyal Index: Annemann 1 and 2

Written by Martin Joyal
Author, 2006, limited to 100 copies, 2-volume set, 5 in. x 8 in., soft cover, spiral bound, 284 + 214 p.
New: $45.00
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