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Summer is a great time to learn new tricks and improve your skills. For the whole month of July, we are offering super deals you won’t find anywhere else. Make sure you visit our store. Read, discover hidden gems, and enjoy your summer!
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Magic Books (by Topic)


We perform on the shoulders of giants, past and present. You can size up those giants in biographies of their lives and times. Perfecting a magic trick is rewarding, but learning about the creator behind it is a sure way to enjoy it even more.

Used Magic Books

Great Magicians In Great Moments

Great Magicians In Great Moments

Written by Irving Desfor
Lee Jacobs, 1983, hard cover, 208 p.
Used: $56.00
Summer Sale: $28.00
The Master Magicians

The Master Magicians

Written by Walter B. Gibson
Citadel 1966, soft cover, 221 p.
Used: $5.00
Summer Sale: $4.00
The Master Magicians

The Master Magicians

Written by Walter B. Gibson
Doubleday 1966, hard cover, 221 p.
Used: $18.00
Summer Sale: $11.55

Herrmann The Magician: His Life; His Secrets

About the magic of Carl Herrmann
About the magic of Alexander Herrmann
Written by H.J. Burlingame
Laird & Lee, 2007, hard cover, 295 p.. limited to 400 copies, water damaged
Used: $40.00
Special: $20.00
Just sold!
Houdini: A Pictorial Life

Houdini: A Pictorial Life

About the magic of Harry Houdini
Written by Milbourne Christopher
Gramercy Books, 1998, hard cover, dust jacket, 218 p.
Used: $15.00
: $9.00
Summer Sale: $8.13
Houdini: A Pictorial Life

Houdini: A Pictorial Life

About the magic of Harry Houdini
Written by Milbourne Christopher
Crowell 1976, hard cover, dust jacket, 218 p., ex library
Used: $32.00
Summer Sale: $16.00
The Original Houdini Scrapbook

The Original Houdini Scrapbook

About the magic of Harry Houdini
Written by Walter B. Gibson
Sterling 1976, soft cover, dust jacket, 224 p.
Used: $31.00
Summer Sale: $15.50
Houdini: His Life and Art

Houdini: His Life and Art

About the magic of Harry Houdini
Co-written by James Randi
Co-written by Bert Sugar
Grosset & Dunlap, 1977 printing, hard cover, dust jacket, 191 p. ex-library
Used: $20.00
Summer Sale: $10.17
The Secrets of Houdini

The Secrets of Houdini

Co-written by Harry Houdini
Co-written by J.C. Cannell
Dover 1973, soft cover, 279 p.
Used: $6.00
Summer Sale: $3.00

Bill Severn's Guide to Magic as a Hobby

Written by Bill Severn
McKay 1979, hard cover, dust jacket, 280 p.
Used: $15.00
Summer Sale: $7.50

Who's Who in Magic

Written by Bart Whaley
Jeff Busby, 2nd printing 1991, soft cover, comb bound, 463 + vi p.
Used: $90.00
Summer Sale: $47.60
Creative World of Conjuring

Creative World of Conjuring

Written by John N. Booth
Ridgeway Press, 1990, hard cover, dust jacket, 262 p., inscribed
Used: $30.00
Special: $16.42
Just sold!

100 Houdini Tricks you can do

About the magic of Harry Houdini
Written by Joseph Dunninger
Fawcett 1944, soft cover, 142 p.
Used: $9.00
Summer Sale: $4.50

The Edison of Magic And His Incredible Creations

Co-written by Burling Hull
Co-written by Samuel Patrick Smith
Samuel & Lee Smith, 1st ed. 1977, soft cover, 112 p.
Used: $27.00
Summer Sale: $16.60
The Ganson Book

The Ganson Book

Written by Lewis Ganson
Supreme 1982, hard cover, damaged dust jacket, 232 p.
Used: $30.00
Summer Sale: $27.00
Dai Vernon

Dai Vernon's Tribute to Nate Leipzig

About the magic of Nate Leipzig
Written by Lewis Ganson
L&L 2000, hard cover, dust jacket, 207 p.
Used: $31.00
Special: $15.50
Just sold!

New Magic Books

Milo & Roger, two boys from poor families, Arthur Brandon and Roger Coker followed a shared passion — Magic! Theirs is a story of a semi-charmed life filled with laughter, humanity, bawdiness and poignance. Milo & Roger takes you from the stages of church basements to the most prestigious stages in the world. One of the most entertaining autobiographies ever written, and one you will have trouble putting down.
Milo & Roger

Milo & Roger

About the magic of Arthur Brandon
About the magic of Roger Coker
Written by Arthur Brandon
Hermetic Press 1999, hard cover, dust jacket, 418 p.
New: $37.00
Summer Sale: $27.75
Ann Eliza Heathman was born in 1849. Her ability to make people believe she could summon the shades of the departed brought her to the attention of H. Melville Fay, an unscrupulous fraudulent medium. Under his guidance, Annie conquered America and then Europe, becoming Anna Eva Fay, the girl who baffled William Crookes, one of the most respected scientists of the age.
The Indescribable Phenomenon

The Indescribable Phenomenon

About the magic of Anna Eva Fay
Written by Barry H. Wiley
Hermetic Press 2005, hard cover, dust jacket, 454 p.
New: $65.00
Summer Sale: $48.75
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