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History of Memorized Stacks

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The Nikola Stack

The Nikola Card System
The oldest memorized stack is that of Louis Nikola published in The Nikola Card System. In 1937, parts of this document shows up in Hugard's Encyclopedia of Card Tricks.

The Ireland Stack

Ireland Writes a Book
This stack by Laurie Ireland appears in Ireland Writes a Book.

The McCaffrey Stack

Hilliard's Greater Magic
Hilliard's Greater Magic
William McCaffrey introduces his stack in Hilliard's Greater Magic.

The Steele Stack

W. F. (Rufus) Steele's 50 Tricks You Can Do, You Will Do, Easy to Do
W. F. (Rufus) Steele publishes his stack in the context of his trick Bridge and Poker Demonstration in 50 Tricks You Can Do, You Will Do, Easy to Do.

The Marlo Stack

Edward Marlo's Faro Notes
Edward Marlo's Faro Notes
Edward Marlo introduces The Memorized Stack in Faro Notes.

The Skinner Stack

Michael Skinner's Classic Sampler
Michael Skinner develops two memorized stacks, one in the late 1960s, the other in 1976. Both are discussed in his book Classic Sampler published in 1996.

The Aronson Stack

Simon Aronson's Bound to Please
Simon Aronson's stack first shows up in his book A Stack to Remember, and in 1994 in Bound to Please.

The Aldrich Stack

Steve Aldrich - The Stack Pack
Steve Aldrich proposes a stack in his treatise The Stack Pack.

The Rix Stack

Claude Rix et ses 52 partenaires
Claude Rix proposes a stack in Claude Rix et ses 52 partenaires.

The Joyal Stack

Martin Joyal - The Six-Hour Memorized Deck
Martin Joyal devises a revolutionary breakthrough for memorized deck magic and introduces his stack in The Six-Hour Memorized Deck.

The Tamariz Stack

Juan Tamariz' Mnemonica
Juan Tamariz publishes his stack in his two-volume set Sinfonia en Mnemónica Major. The English edition Mnemonica soon follows in 2004.

The Raven Stack

Raven Magic's Memorized Deck Made Easy
Richard Raven presents his stack in Raven Magic's Memorized Deck Made Easy.
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