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N as in Nikola

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The Joyal Index: N as in Nikola
1st edition 2004, limited to 100 copies,
5 in. x 8 in., soft cover, spiral bound, 140 p.

Imagine four great magicians gathered at the same convention: Louis Nikola, the father of the memorized deck; Martin A. Nash, the living legend of gambling demonstrations; Robert E. Neale, the inexhaustible wizard; and Robert A. Nelson, the prolific and controversial mentalist. The hour is late but they're still seated in the hotel lobby, exchanging ideas. Around them are many magician onlookers, trying to grasp every comment, every subtlety, every nuance. What a scene!

N as in Nikola is like a record of what might have been shared on that magical (and mythical) night, listing every trick, recording all the history passed between those masters. The pages are a guidebook into the thoughts and creativity of great card magic creators.

This volume of The Joyal Index includes 334 items, and over 250 cross-references, gleaned from more than 50 books. Inside N as in Nikola, you will find items related to the card magic of Nikola, Nash, Neale, and Nelson, as well as the work of C. Lang Neil, Henning Nelms, Anthony Norman, and many more.

The Joyal Index: N as in Nikola is an essential reference work for performing magicians expanding and refining their repertoires, writers and historians tracking down accurate credits, or any card magic enthusiast.

In N as in Nikola, you will find 334 items originated by:
  • Nagle, Charlie (1 item)
  • Namreh (3 items)
  • Nape, Kyle (1 item)
  • Nash, Martin A. (86 items)
  • Navarino, Nick (1 item)
  • Neale, Robert E. (18 items)
  • Neighbors, David (2 items)
  • Neil, C. Lang (5 items)
  • Neil, Patrice (3 items)
  • Neilsen, Don (1 item)
  • Nelms, Henning (18 items)
  • Nelson, Danny (1 item)
  • Nelson, Earl (1 item)
  • Nelson, Robert A. (13 items)
  • Newmann, George C.A. (2 items)
  • Neyhart, A.P. (1 item)
  • Nichols, John (1 item)
  • Nielsen. Gene (13 items)
  • Nikko (2 items)
  • Nikola, Louis (57 items)
  • Nikolas (1 item)
  • Noble, Lee (1 item)
  • Noffke, Paul (3 items)
  • Noice, Tony (2 items)
  • Nord, Bill (2 items)
  • Norman, Anthony (15 items)
  • Norman, Karl (2 items)
  • Nosek, Terry (3 items)
  • Notis, Senor (2 items)
  • Nuzzo, Jimmy (2 items)
  • Nyquist, Charles W. (6 items)
  • and other magicians (65 items)
These items were extracted from the following books:
  • Ever So Sleightly (totally indexed, 22 items)
  • Any Second Now (totally indexed, 25 items)
  • Sleight Unseen (totally indexed, 25 items)
  • Jacks or Better (totally indexed, 7 items)
  • Tricks of the Imagination (totally indexed, 13 items)
  • The Modern Conjuror (totally indexed, 18 items)
  • David Neighbors: Las Vegas Lecture (2 items)
  • Magic and Showmanship (totally indexed, 18 items)
  • Miracles in Mentalism and Psychic Experimentation (totally indexed, 32 items)
  • More Miracles in Mentalism (totally indexed, 8 items)
  • The Nikola Card System (totally indexed, 26 items)
  • Magical Masterpieces (totally indexed, 8 items)
  • Basic Card Technique (totally indexed, 39 items)
  • and 40 other books (91 items)
Above all, there are more than 250 cross-references.
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